CornHeadCombine Header

  • Amount of rows: 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16
  • Row width: 70cm, 75cm or 80cm
  • Working width: 2.80m to 12.80m
  • Horizontal chopper: Mais Star SC, Mais Star Horizon, Horizon Star II
  • Vertical chopper: Rota Disc, Horizon Star II

Corn heads made by Geringhoff

Our corn headers are made in Germany by Geringhoff – one of Europe’s oldest agricultural equipment manufacturers. Available in a wide range of widths and row spacings to match your combine’s capacity, these heads can run at high ground speeds in all conditions to get the combine to its the performance limit. Designedfor minimal maintenance, the secret to Geringhoff’s legendary durability is the precision engineered gearboxes, which utilizes an internal self-adjusting slip clutch to protect the unit’s moving parts. Geringhoff stands for high quality and durable parts, giving customers a reliable, durable, high-performance corn head to maximize the performance of our combine during the harvest season.

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