Job ManagementPrecision Ag Technology

  • Communicate jobs to your team in writing via the MyJobs app
  • Significantly reduce phone calls
  • No lost information
  • No miscommunication
  • High-quality job execution

Connect with Others

With MyJobConnect you can better coordinate your employees and boost business productivity while minimising sources of error. MyJobConnect includes two apps for your smart device: MyJobsManager and MyJobs. Prepopulating and synchronising the data from your Operations Center account, planning a new job just takes a few clicks and ensures data is consistent and up to date. 


With MyJobsManager you can plan your jobs ahead digitally using an intuitive calendar view. If the schedule changes, you can simply drag and drop all details to a new date. The dashboard view provides you with an executive summary of your daily operations, so you can easily monitor work progress and quickly identify areas that require special attention.


The MyJobs app provides your operators with a dedicated overview of the jobs they have to complete in the right order. All required details are on hand at all times without any paper flying around. This helps to reduce errors resulting from miscommunication and the need for follow-up calls. When the job is done, it just takes a few clicks to report. Since all data is recorded in the Operations Center in real time, you can create a job summary report and process the date for further invoicing.

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