M900 Trailed Sprayer

M944iTrailed Sprayer

  • 4400 l tank volume
  • 620 l rinse tank
  • 2 x 280 l/min pump capacity (max 250 l/min to boom)
  • Optional BoomTrac automatic boom tilt and height control with headland management

M944i trailed sprayer – simply ideal

Whether you’re growing cereals or high-end speciality crops, you’ll be able to configure your ideal M944i Series trailed sprayer the most cost-effective way; with the perfect specification for your operations. No more, and no less than you need, and no unnecessary outlay for superfluous technology. That’s the philosophy behind our new M900/M900i trailed sprayer.

Equipped with the optional GreenStar 3 2630 touch-screen display, your M944i boosts your productivity throughout the entire crop protection cycle – from documentation and filling to transport, spraying and rinsing.


John Deere


Trailed Sprayer


Spray tank nominal volume4400 L
1162.4 gal.
Spray tank actual volume (+ 5%)4620 L
1220.5 gal.
Rinse water tank volume620 L
163.8 gal.
Tank level indicatorDigital tank level indication


Double self-priming pistion diaphragm pump capacityTwo pumps, each at - 280 L/min
74 gpm
Total capacity - 560 L/min
148 gpm
Maximum available to spray - 250 L/min
66 gpm
Size filling hose connection76 mm
3 in.
Length filling hose9 m
29.5 ft

Central operation station control

Agitation controlElectric on/off
System dilutionAutoDilute (option)

Spray booms/section setup/meter

Double or triple foldedBoth offered
Double folded sprayboom 2.55 meter transport widthWith four sections - 24/12 m
78.7/39.4 ft
With six sections - 24/12 m
With seven sections - 28/14 m
91.9/45.9 ft
With eight sections - 24/12 or 28/14 m
78.7/39.4 or 91.9/45.9 ft
With nine sections - 27/15 or 30/15 m
88.6/49.2 or 98.4/49.2 ft
Triple-folded boom 3-meter transportWith seven sections - 27/18 or 28/20 m
88.6/59.1 or 91.9/65.6 ft
With eight sections - 32/21 m
105/68.9 ft
With nine sections - 27/21, 30/21, 33/21, 36/24, or 39/27 m
88.6/68.9, 98.4/68.9, 108.3/68.9, 118.1/78.7, or 128/88.6 ft
With 11 sections - 33/21 or with 12 sections - 36/24 m
With 11 sections - 108.3/68.9 or with 12 sections - 118.1/78.7 ft
With 13 sections - 39/27 or 40/27 m
128/88.6 or 131.2/88.6 ft
Single- or five-way nozzle bodyFive-way nozzle holder included in base price
Ringline circulation systemRingline sprayline system - section valves positioned in the boom to build up pressure/concentration faster
Pressure circulation systemPressure recirculation spray system optional with the following boom widths - 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 39, and 40 m
78.7, 88.6, 91.9, 98.4, 105, 108.3, 118.1, and 131.2 ft
TwinSelect optional on sprayers equipped with a pressure recirculation system

Spray boom positioning, stabilization system

Automatic boom tilt and height control with headland modesOptional John Deere TerrainControl™ Pro (two sensors - one on each wing)
Optional on M900i models only - TerrainCommand™ Pro (three sensors - one on each wing and one on the center frame)
Variable geometry adjustmentOptional
Hydraulic control typeElectrohydraulic

Automatic rate controller

Power supplyCOBO® connector - 12 V (with standard control)
ISOBUS connector (with optional ISOBUS control)
Rate controlOption one - flow-based automatic rate control
Option two - pressure-based automatic rate control
Option three -automatic rate control with pressure and flow sensor
Section control/machine operationStandard - basic control with multifunctional level
Optional - ISOBUS control with multifunctional lever

Tractor connection

Linkage to tractorLower linkage - fixed axle or track-following wheel steering
Ball coupling typeK-80 with RD-40 eye for harbor transport
Type steering systemStandard - no steering
Optional - proportional wheel steering

Axle and wheels

Suspended axleProRoad double-linked axle suspension in base
RimsFully welded
Bolt pattern10 bolts
Flotation tires380/90R46 Factory Choice Brand (173D)
VF 380/90R46 Michelin Spray Bib (173D)
480/80R46 Factory Choice Brand (164A8/164B)
520/85R38 Factory Choice Brand (170A8)
520/85R46 Factory Choice Brand (173A8/173B)
520/85R42 Factory Choice Brand (167A8/167B)
620/70R42 Factory Choice Brand (166A8/166B)
710/70R38 Factory Choice Brand (166A8/166B)
Fixed axle available track widths180 to 210, 200, or 195 to 225 cm
70.9 to 82.7, 78.7, 76.8 to 88.6 in.
Steered axle available track widths180 to 210, 200, or 195 to 225 cm
70.9 to 82.7, 78.7, 76.8 to 88.6 in.


Chemical inductor hopperOptional (depending on country requirements)
Clothing lockerOptional
Chemical storage boxOptional - chemical storage box with lock function
Transfer valveOptional
Boom working lightsHalogen or light-emitting diode (LED) field lighting kit
Edge nozzle controlManual or electric operation
Off-center nozzle controlManual or electric operation
Closed transfer filling systemOptional
Filling injectorOptional
Hydraulic system oil filterOptional
Self cleaning pressure filterOptional
Beacon lightOptional
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