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Homeowner, Factory, Assembly Line, Walk Behind Mower

The reason is simple. All over the world, the people who make our machines still use the same clear benchmark as our founder John Deere: if something isn’t good enough for them, it’s not good enough for our customers. From the biggest combine harvester to the smallest mower, this personal commitment to quality is what makes John Deere special.

Homeowner, Factory, Walk Behind Mowers, Operator

Take the factory in Gummersbach (Germany) for example, where we make our walk-behind mowers, robotic mowers and scarifiers. From design and materials to tolerances and finishing, our skilled staff here apply strict quality assurance guidelines to everything they make. Then during assembly, they keep a watchful eye on the fit-and-finish of the parts they use – and report straight back to production if they spot anything untoward.

At random intervals, chief tester Johannes Kokott will then pull a machine out of the line and subject it to the worst treatment he can think of. “My job is to take our mowers to the limit ... and beyond”, he explains with a smile. “That way, we know they’ll give our customers long years of service under normal conditions.“

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I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me.

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Three thousand miles further west, Mr Kokott’s colleagues at our Horicon, USA facility share exactly the same approach. Many employees here are long-standing John Deere customers themselves: they build lawn tractors and Gator utility vehicles all week, then work them hard at the weekend in their own gardens. So if they notice any issues or have ideas for improvements, their bosses will definitely hear about it the following Monday!

Homeowner, Factory, Assembly Line, Detail

In combination with top-notch materials, innovative technology and useful features, this personal sense of pride is the reason why people who care about quality choose John Deere lawn care equipment. Because however much technology may have changed over the years, there’s still no substitute for traditional, hands-on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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