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If you enjoy the simple life, these Battery Walk Behind mowers are for you. Easy to operate with the minimum of effort whilst producing a great finish every time.

Woman with John Deere R43B Walk-Behind Mower in the garden

Pro Nature

John Deere battery mowers are easy on the environment. There are no fumes or local emissions and most of the mower materials can be recycled later on.


Light Weight

The R43B combines the robust construction of an aluminum deck with convenience of a battery mower.

start a battery mower by pressing the button

Easy To Operate

The handlebar adjusts easily for comfortable mowing. To set the height of cut, just move the lever – done! To start or stop your mower, just press the big red button.

R43B, Walk-Behind Battery Mowers with die-cast Aluminium Deck

Die-cast Aluminium Deck

R43B comes with a die-cast aluminium deck which has a 15-year warranty*.

R43B, Walk-Behind Mowers, Battery Mowers, Clean Power, battery

Clean Power

You don’t need garden gloves to refuel a John Deere battery mower. Just open the flap, remove the battery and slot it into the mains charger. Ninety minutes later you’re all set to go. With clean power – and clean fingers to match.

R43B, Walk-Behind Mowers, Battery Mowers, Premium Performance

Premium Performance

If you enjoy the simple life, you’ll appreciate our battery walk-behind mowers. With their quieter motors and intuitive controls, they help you get a great finish every time with no cords, no fumes and no local emissions.

Product Range



Mower cutting width

Recommended mowing area



Mower cutting width

40cm (15")

Recommended mowing area

Up to 280 m²



Mower cutting width

43cm (17")

Recommended mowing area

Up to 320 m²


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*Recommended Retail Price. Prices are inclusive of VAT
All prices are valid until the 1st of October 2020

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