Expert Check for combines
All about uptime

All about uptime

Everything you do all year, you do for one thing: harvest time. That’s when your combine needs to perform no matter what. An Expert Check can make that happen for you. Schedule your Expert Check right after season’s end for the best availability of our experts.


The advantage

Knowing what to look for makes the difference – our John Deere Experts have the experience, know-how and tools it takes.

Our experts

Our experts:
Know more, see more.

Our experts perform an in-depth technical diagnosis, using factory updated checklists and field data from the previous season that’s exclusive to John Deere dealers.


All you need, one price

The all-inclusive rates of our All-in Packages will save you cash. Once you know the results of the Expert Check, you decide what work you want us to perform, for one fixed price that includes all parts and labour.

Combine header premium package

Combine header premium package

The full treatment: We’ll adjust auger rear strippers, replace the full cutterbar, check for clutch, belt and chain slip, update the multicoupler for faster and better reel movement, and more.

Combine airconditioning package

Combine airconditioning package

Stay cool. Since systems naturally leak gas, recharging is recommended every two years. Service includes cab air filter replacement, refrigerant draining, cleaning and recharging, and more.

Combine engine package

Combine engine package

Benefit from maximum engine performance and lifetime with genuine lubricants and filters. Service includes filter replacement, oil change and engine compression check.

Ask your dealer for the all-inclusive prices for the above installations!

All work is performed with special John Deere tools and the latest parts installation instructions from the factory.



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