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Our goal is simple. Operating as John Deere Financial since 1958, we are a wholly-owned affiliated business of John Deere, and one of the world’s largest providers of financing services for customers in agriculture, construction, forestry, turf, and utility equipment.

We have always made it our business to know exactly what you do and how you do it – your markets, your machines, your challenges. It is why we can make financing fast and easy for you - priced competitively, with flexible payments that are in tune with the seasons of your business.

We do what we do so that you can purchase the machines you need to take your business to the next level.

Find your financing solution

Hire Purchase - Owning made easy

Ownership is easier than you thought. You pay a deposit plus the whole VAT amount at the beginning. What is left to pay, plus interest and fees, is simply split into easy to manage payments – typically over 1-5 years. After you make the last payment, you own the machine. And because you own the machine, the hire purchase option allows you to claim capital allowances. Enjoy the privileges of ownership with a repayment structure that meets your needs now.

It does not get more straightforward than this: fixed scheduled payments, no surprises, and you will own your machine by end of the contract period.

Finance Lease – an affordable quick start

It’s an attractive leasing option with fixed repayments. Since VAT is payable on each lease payment rather than in full at the outset, this is an easy start. The finance lease starts with a primary lease period, typically 2-5 years – which covers the full cost of the equipment. At the end of it, you may request the equipment to be sold to a third party – the proceeds from the sale are yours to keep. Or you can opt for a secondary lease period, continue to use the equipment in exchange for prearranged annual fee. Start using your new machine quickly, with a low deposit and easily budgeted fixed payments.

Finance lease requires low initial capital outlay and features fixed payments, fixed interest and no usage restrictions.

Operating Lease and Contract Hire

Think of this as your minimum commitment, low payments option. In an operating lease, you only pay for the use of the machine. That lowers your monthly payments. At the beginning, you pay an upfront rental fee, and your rental payments include VAT. At the end of the agreement you simply give the machine back to John Deere, subject to return conditions. Though you cannot claim capital allowances, you can offset the rental payments against taxable profits as a business expense.

The straightforward all-inclusive rental option with minimal commitment, lower monthly payments and a worry-free maintenance package. It combines all the advantages of an operating lease with comprehensive maintenance packages in one fixed price agreement. After an upfront rental fee, you enjoy lower fixed monthly payments, and return the machine at the end of the term of the agreement. You can offset the rental fees against taxable profits, since they are a business expense.

Total cost control. Pay only for what you use, with low payments and no ownership commitment. The contract hire option also includes maintenance packages for ultimate peace of mind.

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